Powerful Dua for Shifa (Cure Illness, Pain, Fever & Black Magic)


The dua for shifa given by us in this article has helped thousands of our Muslim brothers and sisters so far, due to which they have easily gotten complete relief from their pain, illness, or any magic, and even today, this dua is proving to be a boon for thousands of people.

Who in this world does not want good health? Who does not want that, by the grace of Allah SWT, they should not be affected by any disease or any magic? 

Many people are troubled by all these things and always try to find out how to get rid of them.

But, sadly, often those people do not find any way to get rid of these things, and they start blaming their fate and all the time say to Allah that maybe Allah has punished them for something, whereas it is not so at all. 

We all should always keep in mind that if Allah has sent us to this world and created us, then along with that, he has also given us difficulties in our lives. 

If troubles come into any person’s life, Allah has given us many ways to get rid of those troubles through the Quran and Sunna.

If you also find yourself standing in a situation in which you feel that you remain very sick, or you have some chronic disease that is not getting cured now, or that you think that you are a victim of some black magic, then you do not need to panic at all. 

Today, through this article, we will provide you with Dua for Shifa so you can get rid of all these things quickly. 

You have to follow our given duas properly, and with complete faith in Allah, you will have to adopt these duas in your life.  

Till now, thousands of people have gotten positive results by doing this dua. You can also be one of them.

Follow some rules before you start this Dua

Here are some rules to follow before starting a Dua for Shifa (healing):

  1. If you are praying, you must have complete faith in the power of Allah to provide healing.
  2. It is essential to pray for Shifa. However, if you have any physical problems, you should also receive medical treatment and follow the prescribed diet.
  3. You have to recite the dua for Shifa given by us continuously according to the rules provided by us; only then will you get the treatment from Allah Tala.
  4. While reciting the dua, recite it with total concentration and presence of mind, and read the words correctly. If you have read a word wrong, ask Allah for forgiveness and start the dua from the beginning.
  5. Make sure to follow Islamic etiquette, such as performing ablution before praying, and remember to sit facing the Qibla while performing this prayer.
  6. Most importantly, you must thank Allah for His blessings and mercy, even during illness. Practice patience and have faith in Allah’s plan while performing this dua.
  7. If you are a woman and are going to do the Dua Shifa, then take special care that you do not do this Dua during your menstruation. You can start this Dua 3 days after your menstruation ends.
  8. While doing the Dua for Shifa, ensure you do not do any Haram work. If you do this, Allah will not accept your Shifa prayer. Before doing your Dua, ask Allah for forgiveness for any wrongdoing. Then start this Dua.
  9. Before starting to pray, you have to Recite the beautiful names of Allah related to healing, such as Ash-Shāfi (the Healer), Ar-Rahmān (the Most Merciful), and Al-Jabbar (the Compeller).

Powerful Dua for Shifa (Cure Illness, Pain, Fever & Black Magic)

A powerful dua for seeking Shifa (healing) from illnesses, pain, fever, and black magic is: “Amma yujibul-mutarra idha da’ahu wa yakshifus-sū.”

Translation: “Is not He (better than your gods) Who responds to the distressed one when he calls Him and Who removes the evil, and makes you inheritors of the earth, generations after generations? Is there any ilāh (god) with Allāh? Little is that you remember!”

Reference: This dua is from Surah An-Naml (Chapter 27), verse 62. Surah An-Naml is the 27th chapter of the Quran.

Powerful Dua for Shifa (Cure Illness, Pain, Fever & Black Magic)
Read Powerful Dua for Shifa (Cure Illness, Pain, Fever & Black Magic)

Proper Method to Perform Dua for Shifa:

  1. Start by performing ablution (wudu).
  2. Choose a blessed time for making your dua, such as during the last third of the night (Tahajjud) or after the Fajr prayer.
  3. Before making your dua, perform Salat al-Hajah (prayer of need).
  4. Read Surah Al-Fatiha (the opening) seven times.
  5. Then recite, “Amma yujibul-mutarra idha da’ahu wa yakshifus-sū.” 435 times.
  6. Finally, pray to Allah SWT with tears for His mercy on you.

You must follow this ritual regularly for 17 days with complete faith in Allah SWT.

If you follow this method with a true heart, you will start noticing positivity in your health.

If you need any help or want to perform this dua under the special guidance of Molana Anwar Khan, then you can consult via WhatsApp.

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Powerful Dua for disease

If you have any diseases and want to cure them with the help of Allah SWT, then you have to recite this dua after every Salah 121 times regularly for 17 days: “Allahumma Rabban-nasi, adhhibil-ba’sa, washfi antash-shafi, la shifa’a illa shifa’uka, shifaan la yughadiru saqama.”

Translation: “O Allah, Lord of mankind, remove the affliction and grant healing, for You are the Healer, and there is no cure except Your cure; a cure which leaves no illness.”

This dua is a powerful dua to Allah (SWT) for healing from any disease or affliction, and this dua is taken from Sahih Muslim, Book 26, Hadith 5469.

Powerful Dua for disease
Read Powerful Dua for disease.

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Finally, we would like to tell our readers that Dua for Shifa is a prayer through which you can get guidance from Allah Tala for any disease-related problem. 

Till now, thousands of our readers have seen positive effects in their lives by using this dua. 

You have to do this, dua, keeping in mind that if you have complete faith and trust in Allah, only then will this dua work for you, and you must follow the rules we have given you. 

Suppose you ensure that you will follow all the rules correctly. Only then will this dua work for you. 

If you still have questions or doubts, contact Maulana Anwar Khan ji through WhatsApp. He will help you with any problem.

Don’t forget to share this article with others, because if you do so, it may help someone, and it will be added to your good deeds.

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