Powerful Dua to make everyone like you


Our given dua to make everyone like you has brought positive changes in the lives of many people, due to which people have started liking them, and this is continuing.

There is no such person in this world who does not want everyone to like them.

Many times, it is seen that when someone does not like someone, the self-esteem of the other person gradually starts falling, and he thinks internally why Allah Ta’ala has made him like this and no one likes him.

Maybe you work somewhere or do some business, and the people who work with you do not like you for some reason or another, and it may also happen that your relatives or your family.

Whoever the people are. He also doesn’t like you for some reason, and you know that you are pure at heart and true and honest. You never wished terrible things for anyone.

Still, people don’t like you, and your self-confidence is eroded daily.

It is very serious if you find yourself in such a situation, but you do not need to panic.

Today, through this article, we will provide you with such a dua that if you follow the rules we gave you in your life, then gradually, everyone will start liking you.

The only condition is that you will have to follow the rules given by us properly, and you will have to pray the rules given by us with complete faith in Allah.

What is Dua to make everyone like you? How does it work?

Quran and Sunnah are books in which many secrets are hidden, and this is the book through which you can ask Allah whatever you want.

You need to know the method because many people do not know the correct way to achieve anything from Allah SWT.

We all know that nothing is complicated for Allah Taala because He is the energy source that has created and inhabited this world.

If we ask for something from Allah with a true heart and pray properly, we get what we desire.

Similarly, today, we will give you one dua through this article.

If you do it with a true heart, you will definitely get love and respect from everyone. Which you are entitled to.

Below, we will tell you some rules you must follow before starting the prayer.

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Follow some rules before you start this Dua

  1. Start your prayer with genuine intentions. Your intention should only be to please Allah and receive His blessings rather than for personal gain or to harm others.
  2. Ensure your heart is not filled with jealousy or evil intentions towards others. Your prayer should be accompanied by a sincere desire for the well-being and happiness of not only you but everyone.
  3. Your prayers should be done sincerely and not out of selfish actions or to fulfil your interests.
  4. Women should not pray this dua during their menstruation. You should pray this dua 3 days after the end of your menstruation.
  5. You have to make this prayer with full, selfless faith in Allah. If you have even the slightest doubt about Allah, then this prayer may not be accepted.
  6. If you will hurt anyone, sincerely repent and seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT) before starting this dua.

Dua to make everyone like you

A powerful dua to make everyone like you is “Rabbi adkhilni mudkhala sidqin wa akhrijni mukhraja sidqin waj’al li mil ladunka sultanan nasira.”

This means: “My Lord, cause me to enter a sound entrance and to exit a sound exit, and grant me from Yourself a supporting authority.”

Dua to make everyone like you
We share Dua to make everyone like you in this image.

Methods to perform this dua:

  1. Perform ablution (wudu).
  2. Recite “Subhanallah” (Glory be to Allah) three times.
  3. Recite the Dua mentioned above 213 times during the last third of the night, when Dua is more likely to be accepted.
  4. After reciting the dua, say, “Salallahu alayhi wasallam.”
  5. End your dua by praying to Allah SWT to make everyone like you.

You have to follow this method regularly for 19 days. InshaAllah, if you follow this method correctly, you will find that everyone starts like you.

Methods to perform this Dua to make everyone like you.
In this image we share Methods to perform this Dua to make everyone like you.

If you want any help or want to follow this method under the guidance of Molana Anwar Khan, then you can consult him via WhatsApp.

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The article introduces a dua aimed at garnering the affection and respect of others, emphasizing the importance of sincerity, humility, and faith in Allah’s blessings.

It acknowledges the universal desire for acceptance and the negative impact of feeling disliked.

The dua is a solution rooted in Quranic teachings and Sunnah, emphasizing the need for correct methodology and sincere intentions.

Before initiating the dua, specific rules are outlined, including the importance of genuine intentions, purity of heart, and avoiding harm to others.

The dua itself, “Rabbi adkhilni mudkhala sidqin,” is provided along with the method for its recitation.

The conclusion reassures readers that consistent practice and genuine faith will lead to positive changes in how others perceive and treat them.

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