Powerful Wazifa for husband love (Get your husband love back)


The Wazifa for Husband Love we have provided in this article has so far rekindled the lost love of the husbands of thousands of our sisters, and even today, this Wazifa is proving to be no less than a miracle for our sisters.

Every woman wants respect and immense love from her husband after marriage, but many times, after some time of marriage, that respect and love are lost somewhere. 

Often, the wife does not get that love and respect from her husband even after wanting it, and she makes it in her mind and heart that perhaps the rest of her life will pass like this, which is very wrong. 

If Allah (SWT) has created the purest thing in this world, it is love. 

“And We created you in pairs.”

(Quran 78:8)

Love has so much power that even if the whole world turns to one side, then love will win, and the love of husband and wife is mighty and pure in the eyes of Allah Tala. 

Suppose you also find yourself in a situation where your husband has started loving you less, or his attention has started going more to someone else than you. 

In that case, you do not need to panic because today, we will provide such a wazifa for hubsand love through this article.  

You can use this wazifa to rekindle the lost love in your husband’s heart. 

You have to do this wazifa according to the rules given by us. 

After that, you will witness how your husband’s love for you has been rekindled.

What is Wazifa for husband, and how does it work?

We all know that everything is possible for Allah, and when it comes to a pure bond like husband and wife, Allah accepts prayers for any problem very quickly. 

The motive behind making the prayers should be pure and with pure intentions.

If your husband has started loving you less, and you want to rekindle that lost love for yourself in your husband with the guidance of Allah, then this is a sacred work and is entirely halal. 

In such a situation, this wazifa will work very well for you. You must adopt it with complete faith in Allah SWT.

Allah SWT Said: “Call upon Me, I will respond to you”

Quran (40:60)

Thousands of sisters have adopted this wazifa to date, and they have received excellent results, enabling them to spend their lives happily with their husbands. 

You can also be one of them, and we request that you please forward this article as much as possible if you like it.  

By doing this, you may be able to impact some women’s lives positively.

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Follow some rules before you start Wazifa for husband

Here are some rules to follow before starting a Wazifa for a husband:

  1. First, you must ensure that your intentions when doing the wazifa are pure and honest. Your intention should be to improve your relationship with your husband.
  2. You must regularly perform five daily prayers. If you are doing this wazifa, Allah Taala will soon accept your dua.
  3. Before starting the wazifa, you should ask forgiveness from Allah Taala and then begin this wazifa. By this, you will quickly get the guidance of Allah by asking forgiveness for the sins you have committed.
  4. You need to have complete faith in Allah Taala and complete trust and faith in His mercy because Allah Taala is the only source that can positively change your marriage.
  5. During the whole process of wazifa, you have to be patient and keep this faith in your heart and mind that your dua will be accepted by Allah Tala soon.
  6. You should not perform this wazifa during your menstruation, and if you feel that your menstruation is about to start in a day or two, then you should start it only after it ends.

Simple 5 steps to perform Wazifa for husband love

  1. Perform ablution (Wudu).
  2. Sit in a quiet and clean place and Recite Durood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Recite Surah Al-Imran (Chapter 3), Verse 31 324 times.
  4. After reciting the verse, make a heartfelt dua to Allah to increase love in your husband.
  5. Repeat this Wazifa daily for 17 days with faith, sincerity, and consistency.

Follow this method regularly, and inshallah, you will start noticing positive changes in your husband’s behavior towards you.

If you need any help or want quick, effective results in a short time, feel free to contact Molana Anwar Khan on WhatsApp.

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Read Surah taha ayat 39 wazifa for husband

The verse from Surah Taha, Ayah 39, is a beautiful supplication that can be used as a Wazifa for husband love.

Here is how you can perform this Wazifa:

  1. Begin by performing ablution.
  2. Recite Durood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Then recite Surah Taha, Ayah 39“Wa alqaytu ‘alayka mahabbatan minni wali tusna’a ‘ala ‘aynee” 435 times.
  4. After completing the dua, ask Allah for help to increase love and affection in your relationship with your husband.

Repeat this Wazifa regularly, preferably after the Fajr prayer, for a specified number of days (11, 21, or 40) with unwavering faith and patience.

Surah taha ayat 39 wazifa for husband
Read Surah taha ayat 39 wazifa for husband.

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Benefits of performing Wazifa for husband

Performing a Wazifa for your husband can have several benefits, including:

  • Improved Relationship: Wazifas are powerful Dua that can help strong the bond between you and your husband.
  • Increased Love: Doing this Wazifa increases the love and sleep between husband and wife and helps create a more loving and caring atmosphere.
  • Spiritual Connection: Wazifa enables you to resolve disputes or misunderstandings in your marriage and is the perfect way to seek Allah taala’s help.
  • Resolution of Issues: Doing this Wazifa with honesty and faith brings positive energy to your relationship.
  • Protection from Negativity: This Wazifa will protect you from any negative influences or challenges in your marriage and invoke Allah’s protection and blessings for a happy and successful union.
  • Increased Barakah: By seeking Allah’s blessings through Wazifas, you invite barakah (divine blessings) into your marriage.


The Wazifa for Husband Love shared here is a sincere prayer that has brought hope and positive changes to many marriages. 

Following the steps with sincere intentions and faith can help restore love and encourage a deeper connection between husband and wife. 

This Wazifa highlights the importance of faith, patience, and seeking Allah’s guidance, offering a pathway to a more balanced and fulfilling married relationship.

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