Powerful Dua to be loved and respected by everyone (Get respect from everyone)


The dua to be loved and respected by everyone given by us has helped thousands of readers of Yawadudu and is still going on.

Who does not want love and respect from everyone in this world? Everyone wants people to respect and love them.  

Be it relatives, family, or people from where you work or do business, it is impossible for this to happen to everyone every time.

Many times, it is seen that a person is not able to get respect and love from people, and he goes into depression and all the time thinks about what he has done, due to which he is not able to get respect and love from anyone.  

If you also see yourself in a similar situation and want to get some help with the guidance of Allah Taala so that people start loving and respecting you, then we want to tell you that you have arrived at the right place.

Today, through this article, you will learn about some powerful dua that trust us. If you adopt them into your life, we promise that people will start respecting and loving you. 

You must follow the prayer method in this article and bring these blessings into your life with true faith in Allah.

How Dua to be loved and respected by everyone works for you?

We all know that if Allah has created problems for us in this world, He has also given us the conditions to eliminate those problems.  

The only difference is that some people somewhere do not pray to Allah with full faith, nor do they offer their complete Namaz.  

We also want to tell you one thing through this prayer: if you want someone to love and respect you, you should offer Namaz five times daily.  

At least if you do this while praying this dua, believe it This dua will prove to be very good for you, and its results will be quite shocking. 

Dua is the only weapon through which you can achieve anything from Allah Taala.  

Below, we will tell you some rules before starting the prayer, which you must follow properly; only then will this prayer work for you.

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Before starting this Dua read some rules

  • You have to eliminate any negative thinking before starting dua. If you pray this prayer thinking big about someone, it will not work for you.
  • During the prayer and until the prayer is completely completed, you will have to offer Salah five times.
  • You will have to work with patience. If you hurry into anything, it will not be good for you. It is possible that the prayer may not be accepted.
  • If you are a woman, then do not pray this dua during menstruation.
  • While praying, do good deeds like feeding a hungry person or helping a needy person.

4 Steps to perform Dua to be loved and respected by everyone

  1. First, do proper wudu.
  2. Read “AL-HASEEB” 99 times.
  3. Recite “Allahumma inni as’aluka hubbaka, wa hubba man yuhibbuka” 545 times.
  4. Finally, pray to Allah (SWT) for all to love and respect you.

Follow this method regularly for 17 days after any Salah with full faith in Allah SWT. 

If you have any doubts or want to perform this dua under the guidance of Molana Anwar Khan, then feel free to consult him via WhatsApp.

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Dua to be loved and respected by everyone
In this image we give 4 Steps to perform Dua to be loved and respected by everyone.

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Dua for respect at work

Here’s a “Dua for Respect at Work” (prayer) you can recite to seek respect and honor in the workplace daily at least 234 times for 15 days:

Transliteration: “Rabbi-ishrah li sadri wa yassir li amri, wahlul ‘uqdatam-min-lisani, yafqahu qawli.”

Translation: “My Lord, expand for me my chest [with assurance], ease for me my task, and untie the knot from my tongue, that they may understand my speech.” (Quran 20:25-28)

You can regularly recite this dua, asking Allah to give you confidence, ease in your work, and clarity in your communication so that people can understand what you say and do at work.

Dua for respect at work
We share Dua for respect at work.

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In conclusion, countless Yawadudu readers have witnessed the power of dua to be loved and respected by everyone. 

This dua gives hope to those who feel unloved or mistreated in a world where everyone yearns for love and respect. 

People who follow the instructions and take on the practice with firm faith in Allah can see profound changes in their interactions and relationships. 

The dua for respect at work also reminds us of Islam’s comprehensive theory, which considers life’s spiritual and material facets.

You can overcome obstacles at work and create a respectful, understanding environment for others by praying regularly, working hard, and trusting in Allah’s wisdom. 

When united with unwavering determination and faith in the efficacy of dua, one can access a life overflowing with respect, love, and divine blessings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Dua to get respect from everyone?

Yes, you can recite this dua 434 times to get respect from everyone after every salah for 21 days: “My Lord, expand for me my chest [with assurance], ease for me my task, and untie the knot from my tongue, that they may understand my speech.” This dua is taken from Surah Taha verses 25–28.

Which Surah is for respect?

Surah Al-Isra, also known as Surah Bani Isra’il (Chapter 17), is the best surah to get respect from other people.

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  1. Salam. I have been inflicted with a lot of stress and personal hatred at work. To the extent where I get told off by my boss every day. With the help of Maulana Anwar Khan.. I have gained more respect at work. My colleagues acknowledge my presence and do not demean me. Thank you

  2. I am a well educated person. However, I used to be illtreated at work. Everyone else was flourishing but not me. With Maulana Anwar Khans help and guidance, not only my status at work has risen, but our stakeholders and outsiders respect me too.

  3. Thank you Maulana Anwar Khan for giving us such a website that helps people step by step, and with clear instructions. I have noticed that there are other websites but they are not informative.

  4. I have used this duas and surah.. and I noticed a change of heart in my boss. The person who was so strict and rude has now mellowed down when speaking to her employees.


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