Powerful Dua for miracle in love back


Salaam, our dua for miracle in love back, has brought back their lost love in the lives of thousands of people, and this trend is still going on.

When two people are in love, they have no interest in the world.  

They are just lost in themselves, and they like everything. 

When love is true, it seems like their love is everything, but they feel sad about it when that love gets separated for any reason.  

One realizes that there is no longer any purpose left in living.  

In such a situation, people often go through everything and think day and night only about their love and how to bring it back into their lives.  

If you are reading this article and have come to this point where you want your love to come back to you and Allah Taala to be kind to you, then you have come to the right place.  

Today, through this article, we will give you a dua for miracle in love back to quickly regain the lost love in your life.  

You have to read this article till the end with complete faith in Allah and do the dua given by us appropriately.

How does dua for miracle in love back work for you?

As you know, the Quran contains infinite power. 

Such verses and surahs are included in the Quran, which, if recited with a true heart and complete faith in Allah, can eliminate any such problem in life.

If Allah created this world and created us, He also created the solutions to our troubles.  

The only difference is that you do not know how to get out of those problems, so you do not need to worry.  

Today, through this article, we will tell you what prayer you must use to get your lost love back.

Trust us. Many people have regained their lost love by performing Dua for love back.  

Our Maulana Anwar Khan has given great importance to this dua to get lost love back and has always emphasized that nothing is difficult if you have faith in Allah.

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Follow some rules Before starting this Dua

Always keep in mind that whenever you perform any specific dua, there are some rules for it.  

If you want to regain your lost love, you must follow some rules before praying. 

We have provided the following rules below:

  • Purity: Before starting the prayer, take special care that you are completely pure and clean and are wearing clean clothes.
  • Sincerity (Ikhlas): Make your dua with sincerity and pure intentions. Do not perform this dua by thinking badly about anyone.
  • Belief (Iman): While praying, you must have complete faith in Allah (SWT).
  • Timing: While you can make dua at any time, there are special moments when prayers are more likely to be accepted, such as during the last third of the night, between the adhan (call to prayer) and iqamah, and on Fridays. 
  • Facing the Qiblah: You should pray while sitting with your face towards the Qibla.
  • Praying for Others: Along with this, you kept praying for others as well.
  • Do some good deeds: If you want Allah (SWT) to accept your prayers quickly, do good deeds along with them, like giving zakat and feeding someone.

Method to perform Powerful Dua for miracle in love back in 4 easy steps

  1. Before Fajar Salah, make wudu.
  2. Recite “AL-MUHYEE” 786 times.
  3. After that, recite “Lahu ma fi s-samawati wa-ma fi l-’ard” 453 times.
  4. Finally, pray to Allah (SWT) for your love back.

You have to follow this method regularly for 18 days. Inshallah, if you follow this method with complete faith in Allah (SWT), your lover will return to you.

If you need any help regarding this dua or you want quick and effective results in low time or want to perform this dua under the guidance of Molana Anwar Khan, then you can consult him via WhatsApp.

Maulana Anwar Khan has been a beacon of hope for thousands, helping them solve their life’s problems. Read their heartfelt testimonials on our Instagram page, where we post their reviews regularly.

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Powerful Dua for miracle in love back
We share Powerful Dua for miracle in love back.


The power of dua for a miracle in love back is evident in the countless lives it has touched, bringing lost love back into the hearts of many. 

Love, a profound emotion that makes the world disappear, becomes a source of deep sorrow when separated. 

The desire to reunite in these moments becomes all-encompassing, prompting individuals to seek solace and divine intervention. 

This article offers a dua, a supplication rooted in the profound power of the Quran, emphasizing the importance of purity, sincerity, belief, and specific guidelines during its recitation. 

Maulana Anwar Khan’s emphasis on faith in Allah underscores the transformative potential of this dua. 

Adhering to the prescribed rules and performing the dua consistently for 18 days encourages one to believe in the possibility of love’s return. 

The article extends an invitation to those seeking divine intervention in matters of the heart, providing a method to perform the powerful dua and offering the guidance of Maulana Anwar Khan for those in need. 

May the journey of invoking Allah’s mercy be one of faith, patience, and eventual reunion for those yearning for lost love.

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  3. Salam Molana ji I have texted you my problem on WhatsApp please provide me with Dua to resolve all the challenges I am facing in my love life.

  4. Thanks to Molana Anwar Ji and his powerful dua, my love has returned to me. I can’t express how much this means to me. Truly a miracle!


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