Surah Yaseen Benefits (Benefits of reading surah yaseen 7 times)


This article aims to enlighten its avid readers about the significance of Surah Yasin and the benefits they may attain from reciting it.

Yā Sīn, also known as Yaseen, is the 36th chapter in the Holy Quran.

Surah Yasin comprises 83 verses (āyāt) and five Rukus and is also referred to as a Meccan Sarah as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) while he was in the holy city of Makkah. 

The Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has referred to surah Yasin as the heart of the Holy Quran, and it is mentioned in a Hadith as follows: 

Hazrat Anas radiyallahu Anhu reported Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu alaihe wasallam, saying, “Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Holy Qur’an is Yaseen. 

Allah Ta’ala will record anyone who recites Yaseen as having recited the Holy Quran ten times.” At-Tirmithee

Meaning of Surah Yaseen

So, why is Surah Yasin attributed as the heart of the Holy Quran? Many scholars believe this may be because this particular surah can be segregated into three categories. 

First would be Tawheed, as many verses in this surah highlight Allah’s oneness (Subhana wa Ta’ala). 

Second, it highlights that the Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) was sent to improve humanity. 

Lastly, Surah Yasin also discusses the adverse punishment that would befall the disbelievers and the tremendous rewards that would be granted to the believing Muslims. 

The Surah Yasin starts with a strong path, referring to Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) as Allah’s (Subhana wa Ta’ala) messenger. 

ِ َین ۡ ُمۡر َسل َ ِم َن ٱل َّ َك ل ِن ٕا 

Indeed, you, [O Muhammad], are from among the messengers. (36:3)

َع ِزی ِز ٱل َّر ِحیِم َن ِزی َل ٱل ت 

[This is] a revelation of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful. (36:5)

This part of the article will present ayahs from Surah Yasin that show the mercies of Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) on mankind, such as the provision of vegetation and more.

ون 1. ۡ ُكل َأ ُ ی ۡ ھ َ ِمن ٗا ف ّ ۡ َھا َحب َا ِمن ۡ َرۡجن َ خ ٰ َھا َوأ َ َۡین َ ۡحی ُ أ َة َمۡیت ۡ َ ۡر ُض ٱل َّ ُھ ُم ٱلا ۡ ٔ ٞ ل َة َو َءای 

And a sign for them is the dead earth. We have brought it to life and brought forth from it grain, and from it they eat. (36:33)

عی ِی َھا ِم َن ٱل َا ف َ َّجۡرن ٰ ٖب َوف َ َ ۡعن َّ ِخی ٖل َوأ ٰـ ٖت ِّمن ن َّ ِی َھا َجن َا ف ۡن َو َج َعل 

And we placed therein gardens of palm trees and grapevines and caused to burst forth, therefore some springs- (36:34)

َ ۡشُكُر َون لا ی َ ف ۚ أ َۡیِدی ِھۡم ُ أ ۡ ھ َت َم ِر ِۦه َو َما َع ِمل َ ُوْا ِمن ث ۡ ُكل َأ ِی ل 

They may eat of His fruit, and their hands have not produced it, so will they not be grateful? (36:35)

َ َ ِدیِم  ِدیِم ق ۡ ُعۡر ُج ِون ٱل َّ ٰى َعا َد َكٱل َا ِز َل َحت ُ َمن ٰھ َ َ َّدۡرن َ َم َر ق ۡق َوٱل 

And the moon—we have determined its phases until it returns to appear like the old date stalk. (36:39) 

The last theme of Surah Yasin revolves around how Judgement Day will be initiated and how the good-doers will be separated from the wrongdoers. 

Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) also mentions the rewards the righteous will be given and the tormenting punishment that will follow the disbelievers and the evildoers on the Day of Resurrection. 

ُ َونن ِسل ِّ ِھۡم ی َ ٰى َرب ِل َ ۡجَدا ِث ٕا َا ُھم ِّم َن ٱلا ۡ ٔ ِذ ٕ َا ِي ٱل ُّصو ِر ف ِ َخ ف ُف َون 

And the Horn will be blown, and they will hasten from the graves to their Lord. (36:51)

ُ َون مۡر َسل َا َما َو َعَد ٱل َّرۡح َم ٰ ُن َو َصَد َق ٱل ٰذ ۗ َھ َاۜ َ ِدن َا ِمن َّمۡرق َن َ َعث َا َم ۢن ب َن ٰ َوۡیل َ ُوْا ی َال ق 

They will say, “O woe to us! Who has raised us from our sleeping place?” [The reply will be], “This is what the Most Merciful had promised, and the messengers told the truth.” (36:52)

ِك ُھ َون ي ُش ُغٖل ف َ ف َۡوم ۡی َّ ِة ٱل ۡ َجن َ ۡص َح ٰ َب ٱل ِ َّن أ ٕا 

Indeed, the companions of Paradise will be amused by [joyful] occupation (36:55).

مۡج ِر ُم َون 4. ُّ َھا ٱل َ ی َ أ َۡوم ۡی ٰ ُزوْا ٱل َ َو ۡٱمت 

[Then He will say], “But stand apart today, you criminals. (36: 59)

وعُد َون 5. ُۡم ت ِي ُكنت َّت َّ ُم ٱل ٰ ِذِهۦ َج َھن َھ 

This is the Hellfire that you were promised. 

12. ون 6. ۡ ِسب َك ُوْا ی ِ َما َكان ُ ُھم ب َ ۡر ُجل َ ۡش َھ ُد أ َۡیِدی ِھۡم َوت َآ أ ِّ ُمن ُ َكل َو ٰ ِھ ِھۡم َوت ۡ َ ف َ ٰٓى أ ِ ُم َعل ۡ ت َخ َ ن َۡوم ۡی ٱل 

That day, we will seal over their mouths, and their hands will speak to us, and their feet will testify about what they used to earn. (36:63)

Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) started Surah Yasin with a solid and powerful oath stating that Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is indeed the messenger of Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala), as some of the members of the Qureshi tribe were accusing the Prophet of not being the messenger of Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala).

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Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) continues to mention his mercies, such as providing grains and fruits, which we humans enjoy but are not grateful to Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) for providing for us. 

Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) also mentions the daytime and nighttime caused by the sun and the moon and how they seemingly float and swim in space without touching one another. 

Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) mentions his mercies on the earth’s surface and in outer space to emphasize them as his signs to the believing people and highlight that He is the only One responsible for everything in this universe and beyond. 

The last theme of the surah covers how the Day of Resurrection would start and what would happen afterward. When Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) mentions the initiation of the Day of Judgement, He mentions how the trumpet will take everything up with just one blow (horn). 

He continues by mentioning how the believing Muslims will get everything and anything they want in Paradise and how the disbelievers will be met with severe punishment in Hellfire. 

An interesting note is that Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) says no one will be misjudged. Everyone will pay the price or obtain rewards according to their deeds alone. This last part of the article will explore the benefits of reciting Surah Yasin every day. 

The benefits of reciting Surah Yasin regularly include: 

  1. Reciting Surah Yasin will not only help one gain good deeds from Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) but also help expiate one’s sins. 
  2. Recitation of Surah Yasin regularly will ensure the individual has an easier death. 
  3. Reading Surah Yasin in the morning fulfills one’s needs. 
  4. Reading Surah Yasin will lead an individual to have a blessed married life. 
  5. For pregnant mothers, recitation of Surah Yasin will help ease the pregnancy for both the mother and the fetus. 
  6. Lastly, reading Surah Yasin will increase an individual’s acceptance of supplication (Dua). 
benefits of reciting Surah Yasin regularly
read benefits of reciting Surah Yasin regularly


To conclude, Surah Yasin, also known as the heart of the Quran, displays three different themes: Tawheed, Prophet Muhammed’s (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) being Allah’s (Subhana wa Ta’ala) messenger, and lastly, the events of the Day of Judgment. 

The events of the Day of Judgement are described with great detail, including the blowing of the trumpet, the resurrection of the bodies, and the judgment done by the best of the Judge Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) Himself. 

People will get rewards or punishments depending upon their book of deeds. Let’s try to read this magnificent surah in our everyday lives.

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