Powerful Dua for someone special (friends and family)


In Islam, praying for those we love strengthens our relationships, and expressing gratitude towards special persons by performing Dua for someone special plays a vital role in our lives.

Making dua is a perfect way to show love and appreciation to these individuals, whether they are spouses, parents, children, or close friends.

Praying for others is considered very sacred and very good in Islam, and we make a very noble and special place in the eyes of Allah by praying for others.

Dua represents sincere communication with Allah SWT, through which we can seek guidance, blessings, forgiveness, and protection from Allah SWT.

In this Article, we will learn how to perform this Dua by following all the steps to achieve Allah’s blessings for someone you want.

Many people have included this Dua in their daily routine and have experienced positive outcomes within a few weeks. We assure you that if you read this article till the end, you can also fulfill your dua quickly.

How do pray for others in Islam?

Praying for others is considered very kind and the highest form of love in Islam.

It is one of the best and most beautiful gifts you can give others by praying for them.

“There is no believing servant who supplicates for his brother behind his back (in his absence) that the Angels do not say: The same be for you too.”

(Sahih Muslim 2732a)

Here are some points you should follow before performing Dua for others to make it effective:

  • Your intentions must be pure before you begin. Your dua must be based only on asking for Allah’s help and out of genuine concern for the person.
  • Select a time when your prayers are more likely to be accepted, such as during the last third of the night, after prayers, or during special times like Ramadan or Fridays.
  • Start by praising Allah and sending blessings upon Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Then, express your heartfelt request for the well-being of your loved one.
  • Be specific in your Dua, mentioning the person’s name, their circumstances, and the blessings or guidance you seek.
  • Include a request for forgiveness for the person’s sins and shortcomings. Seeking Allah’s forgiveness is a powerful way to get his blessings.
  • Praying for others is a selfless form of love. Nothing proves one loves someone more than mentioning them in one’s prayers. When one prays for another, Allah listens to him and showers blessings.

Dua for someone special

If you want to make a dua for someone special, then recite, “Rabbigh fir lee wa liwaa lidaiya wa liman dakhala baitiya mu’minanw wa lil mu’mineena wal mu’minaati wa laa tazidiz zaalimeena illaa tabaaraa” this dua. 

You have to recite this dua after isha salah with complete trust in Allah (SWT).

Dua for someone special
Recite Dua for someone special.

Method to Perform Dua for Someone Special:

  1. Start with “Bismillah” 100 times.
  2. After that, recite “Ayautl Kursi” 10 times.
  3. Then, recite verse 28 of Surah Nuh 180 times.
  4. Now, send Salawat upon Prophet Muhammad.
  5. At last, show gratitude to Allah (SWT) for listening to your dua.
  6. Follow this ritual regularly for 15 days straight, without skipping a day in between, to get a positive outcome quickly.

If you have any queries or want more details about this dua, you can consult our expert, Molana Anwar Khanwho will assist you with finding the best dua for your situation.

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Dua for friends and family

The best dua for friends and family is, “Rabbanagh fir lee wa liwaalidaiya wa lilmu’mineena Yawma yaqoomul hisaab.”

Read this dua 70 times after morning namaz and pray to Allah (SWT) with a true heart for your close ones, friends, and family members, and Allah Talah will soon accept your dua.

Dua for friends and family
Read Dua for friends and family.

Methods to Perform Dua for friends and family

  1. Start with a fresh shower and wear clean clothes.
  2. After that, read Durrod Shareef thrice.
  3. Then, recite verse 41 of Surah Ibrahim after fajr salah.
  4. Raise your hands and ask Allah (SWT) for the well-being of your loved ones.
  5. Repeat this dua regularly for 15 days, and inshallah, your dua will accepted soon by Allah (SWT).

When we wish good for someone else, it comes back to us in many unthinkable ways.

We all know that whoever wishes good for others, Allah blesses them, but having a good heart and pure intentions towards someone else also rewards Jannah.

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Benefits of Making dua for others

Making dua for others has many benefits, as it is a selfless act of love considered noble in Islam.

Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Angels will bless you by saying “And the same onto you” when making dua for others.
  • Allah rewards those who pray for others with blessings, mercy, and goodness in their own lives.
  • This act will also help in seeking. Allah’s forgiveness and protection are for you and the person you are praying for.
  • The blessings of Dua for others often return in the form of blessings and well-wishes from them.
  • Prayers for others can lead to fulfilling their needs and bringing happiness.
  • Dua for others increases love, strengthening family bonds, friendships, and communities.

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This Article provides the best dua for someone special with the correct method to perform to get effective results quickly.

Reciting this dua using the proper method, Allah (SWT) will soon accept your dua and bless the person you want.

This dua has helped many people correctly make Dua for their loved ones to receive Allah’s mercy and blessings.

Our expert, Molana Anwar Khan, has designed this dua with years of experience to help our brothers and sisters.

I hope this dua helps you and your loved ones seek Allah’s mercy and love. “Ameen.

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