Powerful Dua to get rid of blackmail in islam (Is blackmail haram?)


Our dua to get rid of blackmail in Islam has helped thousands of people so far, so they have gotten rid of blackmail, and they have been able to live a normal life.

Even today, this dua of ours is no less than a favor for many Muslim brothers and sisters.

We can all feel how harassing blackmail can be. When someone unquestioningly trusts someone, often those people become victims of blackmail.

It is often seen that people fall prey to blackmailing and do many very wrong things because they fear that the person in front of them knows some such things as blackmailing, which can destroy their lives.

Due to this fear, they keep getting blackmailed by them, and one after the other, the person in front gets them to do the work that he wants to get done, which is very wrong.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Beware of oppression, for oppression will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection.”

(Sahih Muslim, Hadith 2578)

If you also find yourself standing in a place where you are becoming a victim of someone’s blackmail, and in such a situation, you need the help of Allah Taala, then you have come to the right place.

Today, through this article, we will provide you with a powerful prayer through which you will be able to get rid of blackmail forever.

You have to adopt our given rules and the dua (prayer) that is told in your life the right way.

Till now, thousands of people have achieved very good results after doing this prayer. You, too, can be one of them.

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Follow some Rules before you start this Dua

Here are some rules to follow before making the dua to get rid of blackmailing:

  • Pure Intention: Ensure your intention is genuine and for Allah’s sake.
  • Perform Wudu: Cleanse yourself with ablution.
  • Find a Quiet Place: Choose a clean and peaceful place.
  • Face the Qibla: Face the direction of the Kaaba.
  • Seek Forgiveness: Admit your sins and ask for Allah’s forgiveness.
  • Have Patience: Trust in Allah’s wisdom and timing.
  • Don’t Do: Women, Don’t do this dua in menstruation.

Powerful Dua to get rid of blackmail in Islam

The Best Dua to get rid of blackmail is: “Bismillahilladhi la yadurru ma’asmihi shay’un fil ardhi wa la fissama’i wa huwa sami’ul ‘alim.” You have to recite this dua 324 times after every salah for 15 days regularly to get rid of blackmail.

This Dua means: “In the name of Allah, with Whose name there is protection against every kind of harm in the earth or the heaven, and He is the All-Hearing and All-Knowing.”

This dua is taken from Sunan Abu Dawood, Hadith 5088.

Step-by-step method to perform this Dua:

  1. First, do proper Wudu.
  2. Read Durood 11 times.
  3. Read any 6 Allah SWT names with Ayatul Kursi 12 times.
  4. Recite “Bismillahilladhi la yadurru ma’asmihi shay’un fil ardhi wa la fissama’i wa huwa sami’ul ‘alim.” 324 times.
  5. Finally, imagine that person who blackmailed you and pray to Allah SWT to remove that person from your life.

You have to follow this method after every Salah for 15 days with full faith in Allah SWT. InshaAllah, you will find that person will stop blackmailing you and be removed from your life.

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Is blackmailing haram in Islam?

Yes, blackmailing is definitely haram in Islam.

Blackmailing involves coercion, manipulation, and harming others, which is against all the moral teachings of Islam.

We share with you a Surah in which Allah (SWT) has also said that if you harm someone or you intend to hurt someone, then Allah Taala will take account of your sins.

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran: “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.”

(Surah Al-Ma’idah, 5:8)

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Blackmailing can be a deeply painful experience, leading victims to act out of fear and coercion.

It’s a manipulation that can cause immense psychological and emotional damage.

If you find yourself in such difficulty, know that seeking Allah’s help through dua can bring relief and protection.

Dua for blackmailing, which is shared in this article, is a powerful Dua (prayer) to help you remove the person from your life who is blackmailing you.

By following the given rules and reciting the dua with sincere intention and faith, you can find the strength to overcome this trouble.

Remember, blackmailing is haram in Islam, as it goes against the core principles of justice, honesty, and compassion.

Stay strong, have faith, and trust in Allah’s wisdom and mercy.

InshaAllah, you will find relief and justice.

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