Powerful Dua for Forgiveness of Zina


Allah (SWT) forgives zina if one offers sincere repentance. Prophet Muhammad said: “The one who repents from sin is like the one who did not sin.”

Don’t lose hope. This powerful Powerful Dua for Forgiveness of Zina will help you seek Zina’s forgiveness from Allah (SWT).

We all know that Zina is the greatest sin, but in the eyes of Allah, there is nothing for which forgiveness cannot be sought.

If you ask for forgiveness with genuine intentions and heart, you will be forgiven for every sin.

It is believed in Islam that if you repent properly for the sin you have committed, then that sin will become negligible, and your wrong deeds will be transformed into good deeds. 

However, that regret must be heartfelt.

Allah says, “Didn’t they know that it is Allah who accepts the repentance of His servants and forgives sins?”

(At-Tawbah: 104)

Read the whole article and perform this Dua to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for the Zina you have done.

How to make Dua for Forgiveness of Zina more effective

To make this Dua for Forgiveness of Zina effective, you must do Sincere repentance; however, it is not simply saying, “Lord, forgive me” or “Astaghfirullah.”

Your repentance should come from the bottom of your heart, and you should feel guilty for the terrible sin of disobeying Allah (SWT).

While expressing your mistake, you should cry and clearly state whatever you feel in your heart.

Secondly, you should avoid those things, persons, and associations that lead you towards sin that you will never repeat.

Lastly, you should participate in good deeds as much as possible and repent from your past sins to erase them.

If you have committed this sin in the past, you should be very careful in the future to prevent it from being repeated.

Remember, Allah (SWT) sees everything we do and keeps track of everything.

Never think you can admit sin again just by apologizing for past sins. If you do, you’ll fall from Allah’s sight, and no one can save you from hell.

Allah Almighty commands the believers in the Quran,

Do not even go near Zina.

(Al-Israa’ 17:32)

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Precautions before starting this dua

Here are some points that you should consider before performing this dua:

  1. First, you must ensure that your intention behind doing this dua is genuine.
  2. Face Qibla while reciting this dua for more focus.
  3. Women should avoid and not recite this dua during their menstruation.
  4. Recite the Dua using the proper method. If you make any mistakes, ask Allah for forgiveness and start the prayers again.
  5. While performing these prayers, you must have complete faith in Allah (SWT) to get his forgiveness soon.
  6. Do charity work, like feeding poor people, helping others, and making dua for others, as it will boost the effectiveness of your dua.

Dua for Forgiveness of Zina

The best dua for asking forgiveness of Zina from Allah (SWT) is, “Innamat tawbatu’ alallaahi lillazeena ya’maloonas sooo’a bijahaalatin summa yatooboona min qareebin fa ulaa’ika yatoobul laahu’ alaihim; wa kaanal laahu ‘Aleeman Hakeemaa.” 

Recite this dua for 15 days regularly, seventy times after every salah, to seek Allah’s mercy.

Dua for Forgiveness of Zina
Recite Dua for Forgiveness of Zina.

Methods to Perform Dua for Forgiveness of Zina

  1. Begin with a fresh Ablution.
  2. Recite “Al-Ghafūr” 1000 times.
  3. After that, read verse no. 17 of Surah An-Nisa 70 times.
  4. Raise your hands and repeat “Astaghfirullah” 100 times.
  5. Finally, ask Allah (SWT) to show mercy to you.

Perform this dua for 40 days, and inshallah Allah (SWT) will grant you forgiveness for the sins you have committed.

This dua will help you get Allah’s refuge and mercy to get forgiveness for the sin you have committed.

Many believers have performed this dua and gotten Allah’s forgiveness, fulfilling their lives with happiness and peace.

Read the Quran and perform Namaz daily so that Shaytan does not make you do all this and you get Allah’s refuge.

Sometimes, your past sins also lead to challenges, which may cause you to struggle.

To overcome all the challenges and get a permanent solution, you can contact our expert, Molana Anwar Khan, who can provide you with the best duas to remove these blockages from your life.

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Surah for Forgiveness of Zina

Surah Az-Zumar is one the most effective surahs for asking for Zina’s forgiveness.

Recite verse 53 of Surah Az-Zumar: “Qul yaa’ibaadiyal lazeena asrafoo ‘alaaa anfusihim laa taqnatoo mirrahmatil laah; innal laaha yaghfiruz zunooba jamee’aa; innahoo Huwal Ghafoorur Raheem.”

Meaning: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Recite this surah after your dua to get quick effects, enhancing its effectiveness.

After completing your dua or salah, you must recite Surah Az-Zumar 100 times, believing Allah (SWT) will grant forgiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which surah removes all sins?

Surah At-Taubah, Surah Az-Zumar, Surah An-Nisa, and Surah Al-Furqan are often recited to ask for forgiveness from Allah (SWT).

Include these surahs in your daily prayers to see their effective results.

Perform all the surahs with sincere repentance after every salah, and Inshallah, all your sins will be removed and forgiven by Allah (SWT).

Remember that your intention should be sincere, and you should feel guilty while asking for forgiveness.

In Islam, you can only seek forgiveness for any sin by earnestly repenting your mistakes; otherwise, it is not forgiven.


This article helps you gain Allah’s mercy and forgiveness with the help of Dua for Zina’s forgiveness.

This dua provides proper guidance for getting Allah’s mercy by repenting of your mistakes.

Follow all the methods to perform the dua to achieve Allah’s forgiveness for this significant sin.

Many people have used this dua and gotten blessings from Allah (SWT). We assure you that you can also remove your sin with the help of this dua.

Sincerely repent for your sins because Allah Taala is most forgiving, and nothing is impossible for him.

If you need help, contact our expert, Molana Anwar Khan, for proper guidance in life.

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