Wazifa for the quick acceptance of dua


Many times, people complain that Duas are not being accepted, which may be due to their actions.

If you are in this trouble and making a lot of effort, Allah Taala will still not accept your duas.

Don’t worry; this Wazifa for the quick acceptance of dua will help you seek Allah’s mercy in fulfilling your dua.

There can be many reasons behind dua not being accepted, like sometimes we unknowingly go against Islam, and Allah Taala gets disappointed with us and does not accept our dua.

Dua is a medium through which we can express our thoughts to Allah Ta’ala, and this message may never reach Allah; there can be many reasons behind this.

This Wazifa is a unique way to bring fruit to your hard work; by doing this, you can add charm to your dua and make it reach Allah very fast.

Our Prophet Mohammed taught and said that Dua is the very essence of worship.

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How To Get Your Duas Accepted

If you want your dua to be heard by Allah Taala quickly, you must choose the right time. The right situation must be selected, and many necessary conditions must be implemented.

But despite doing everything right, our prayers are not accepted. The reason behind this could also be the intention to pray. We should keep our intentions pure and clean. Only then will Allah Taala listen to your prayers.

If your intentions are clear and you pray correctly, no one can stop it from being accepted.

When making a dua, you should not fear or doubt that your dua will not be answered, as this may indicate that you don’t believe you deserve what you are praying for.

If you constantly think your prayers are unworthy of acceptance, you should be careful because Shaytan puts all this in your mind.

This proves you to be arrogant because you are not asking for help from Allah (SWT). We pray to Allah (SWT) for any small or big thing. It is our right.

In Islam, asking for something from Allah (SWT) through prayer is considered a significant act of worship.

Precautions before praying this Wazifa

Here are some essential points you should follow before performing this Wazifa:

  • Before engaging in any dua or Wazifa, clean yourself with Wudu (Ablution and face qibla).
  • Begin by declaring faith by saying “Shahada” and “Salawat” to the Prophet(SAW).
  • Ask Forgiveness by saying “Astaghfirullah” x 3 for any past mistake or sins you may have committed.
  • Clearly state your needs with the right intention to him alone or privately.
  • Praise Allah(SWT) by saying his name while raising hands when making dua.
  • Ask during the accepted times, such as during the last third of the night, between the adhan and iqamah, during sujood in prayer, or on Friday after Asr prayer.

Wazifa for the quick acceptance of dua

The best Wazifa for the Quick acceptance of dua is, “Allahumma innaka hasbi wa wakili wa quwwati, Allahumma innaka jaber kusri wa anta man yutīb juroohi, la taj’al hājati bīd aḥad siwāka wa akfini bika ya wāsi’ al-‘atā’.” 

Perform this Wazifa at least 1000 times after isha or Tahajjud salah before making any Dua.

Wazifa for the quick acceptance of dua
Read Wazifa for the quick acceptance of dua.

How can I get my Dua accepted instantly?

  1. Begin with wudu (ablution) and pure intentions.
  2. Then recite, “Ash-hadu an la ilaha illa Allah, Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulu-Allah.
  3. Now, Light the incense and say, “Alhamdulillah.”
  4. After that, recite the prayer for the quick acceptance of the dua given above.
  5. While the incense stick burns, recite your dua and believe its smoke conveys your message to Allah.
  6. End this Wazifa by sending Salawat upon the Prophet (SAW).

Perform this Wazifa consistently for ten days after Fajar or Tahajjud Salah.

You must perform it with the right intention and complete faith in Allah (SWT).

If you see positive effects, don’t leave this in between; complete it patiently for ten days.

If you need immediate effects or have questions, contact Molana Anwar Khan to get the perfect Dua.

Many people have used this Wazifa and noticed remarkable results in their lives by getting the blessings of Allah (SWT).

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Benefits of reciting this Wazifa for the quick acceptance of dua

Your prayers will be answered soon. Apart from this, there are many benefits of this Wazifa, which are given in the points below:

  • By doing this wazifa continuously, you will become very close to Allah (SWT) and receive his blessings quickly.
  • This Wazifa will remove any obstacle that might get in your way to success.
  • This Wazifa opens the doors to success and helps you fulfil all your desires.
  • By reciting this Wazifa daily, you can increase barakah (divine blessings) and prosperity, leading to happiness.
  • This Wazifa also attracts Allah’s angels, who will help you protect yourself from any evil or harm.

Include this Wazifa in your daily prayers to get your dua accepted and its numerous benefits.

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This Article provides the best Wazifa for the quick acceptance of dua, which will help fulfil your every desire.

This Wazifa Attracts Allah’s mercy and blessings that will help you remove challenges in your life.

We assure you that this wazifa can help you get approval from Allah (SWT) for your dua.

This wazifa has helped many people achieve whatever they want by granting their dua to Allah (SWT).

Follow the methods carefully to perform this Wazifa with all your heart and get Allah’s blessings (SWT).

We hope this wazifa helps you get your dua listened to by Allah (SWT) and get everything you want. “Ameen”

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