Powerful Dua for Engagement Ceremony


You have come to the right place if you love someone and want Dua for Engagement Ceremony to get them engaged and tied in the marriage bond.

Suppose you want your engagement process to go smoothly without any obstacle, with the blessings of Allah Ta’ala. In that case, this Dua for Engagement Ceremony will benefit you.

This Powerful dua has helped so many couples get engaged without any challenges.

Perform this dua with complete faith in Allah (SWT) to get his mercy and blessings for your engagement ceremony.

The engagement ceremony is significant because it is a bond of a new beginning with which the couple spends their further married life.

Read this article till the end carefully to seek Allah’s guidance in engaging and making a blissful union.

How Dua for Engagement Ceremony Works

This dua works by seeking Allah’s blessings to fulfil your new phase of life with happiness and joy.

Reciting this dua with the proper method will help you remove any blockages coming in your way of engagement.

It also helps fill in love and strengthen your bond for a lifetime.

Everything will go smoothly on the day of your engagement.

If you wish to marry someone soon but won’t be able to find a perfect match for yourself, then this prayer can help you attract good marriage proposals.

If your parents disagree with your engagement with the person you want, this dua can help soften their hearts and convince them of your relationship.

This dua will clear your way and help you get engaged with the love of your life with the blessings of Allah (SWT).

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Some Advice to take before Dua for Engagement Ceremony

  • Purity: Perform Wudu (ablution) to purify yourself before connecting with Allah (SWT).
  • Intention: To reap the full benefits of this dua, ensure your intention is pure and right.
  • Good Deeds: Do charity and engage in good deeds to increase the effectiveness of your dua.
  • Right time and place: Face Qibla and choose a time, like on Fridays, the last third of the night, and after Salah.
  • Keep in Private: Recite this dua privately, focusing on connecting with Allah (SWT).
  • Women’s Don’ts: Avoid this dua during your menstruation, as it’s a state of impurity.

Here is Dua for Engagement Ceremony

The best dua for the engagement ceremony is “Subhaanal lazee khalaqal azwaaja kullahaa mimmaa tumbitul ardu wa min anfusihim wa mimmaa laa ya’lamoon.” 

You have to recite this dua after isha salah at least 1000 times to get successfully engaged to the person you want.

Dua for Engagement Ceremony
Read Dua for Engagement Ceremony.

Method to Perform Dua for Engagement Ceremony

  1. Begin with a fresh shower.
  2. Recite “AL-AZEEZ” 100 times.
  3. After that, read verse 36 of “Surah Yasin” 1000 times.
  4. Imagine the person you want to get engaged with.
  5. At last, pray to Allah (SWT) for a blessed engagement ceremony.

Perform this dua for 15 days with patience, and Inshallah, Allah (SWT) will shower his mercy upon you.

This dua helps you overcome any challenges that may come your way during your engagement with the help of Allah (SWT).

Getting married is one of the most essential Sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad and is considered very sacred in Islam. With the help of this dua, you will get Allah’s guidance in making the right decisions in your life.

The guidance of Allah (SWT) is essential in every aspect of life, and engagement is one of the most important phases of everybody’s life as it marks a new beginning.

This dua will help you receive Allah’s guidance on starting a new journey with your partner.

Don’t skip this dua in between, and perform it consistently to get the best results. If you have any questions or doubts, contact our expert, Molana Anwar Khan Ji, to get the best duas for your situation.

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Benefits of Dua for Engagement Ceremony

This dua brings Allah’s blessings for a successful engagement and numerous other additional benefits given below:

  • This dua brings blessings and guidance from Allah (SWT) for a successful engagement.
  • This dua also protects and overcomes any challenges during your engagement.
  • This dua helps you make the right decision and gets you closer to Allah (SWT).
  • Regularly reciting this dua will increase the love between couples and their families.
  • This dua brings peace and joy into the new phase of your life, leading to lifetime happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which surah is for engagement?

Well, there are many such surahs in the Quran that you can recite for engagement, but if you are looking for a specific surah that you can recite only during engagement so that you get many benefits from it, then you can read Surah Al Fatah (Chapter 1) and Surah Ar-Rum (Chapter 30).

If you recite these surahs with a true heart for 15 days daily after any advice, you will reap many benefits and find a solution to every problem that arises in your engagement.


This article provides the best dua for an engagement ceremony that helps you get everything going smoothly and brings Allah’s blessings into your relationship.

Perform this dua properly to get its quick and complete effects.

You have to perform this dua with complete faith in Allah (SWT) and the right intentions.

Many believers use this dua and get unbelievable results. We assure you that you can also quickly seek Allah’s blessings for a successful engagement ceremony.

If you want immediate results, contact our expert, Molana Anwar Ji, for the proper solution and the best dosage for your situation.

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