Powerful Dua for Anxiety, Worry and Distress


Our given Dua for Anxiety, Worry, Distress, and Overthinking has brought a positive change in the lives of thousands of readers, due to which any kind of anxiety has been eliminated from their lives, and everyone is living their life happily. And this trend is continuing.

We all know that depression and anxiety are such things that spoil entirely a person’s life, and gradually, the person starts becoming physically and mentally weak, and sometimes even his heart.

Such thoughts start coming into the mind that one should kill oneself, which is the biggest crime in Islam.

Do you think the best way to end anxiety and depression is to kill yourself?

If you think that this is the only way left in the end, then we would like to tell you that you are absolutely wrong because Allah Ta’ala is the only source who created this world and us, and He is the only source who knows what will happen next in our life.

If Allah (SWT) has put anxiety, depression, or any problem in our lives, Allah has provided us with many such things to avoid it. Through this, we can avoid stress and distress forever.

All people should know what the solution to preventing these things is.

The most straightforward answer to this is that the Quran is the only book in which Allah has given us the solution to every problem.

People do not know when and how to perform the prayers given in the Holy Quran in their daily routine, so today, through this article, we will provide you with some powerful dua that will relieve any anxiety.

You have to apply the blessings given by us and their methods in the right way in your life. Only then will all our prayers work for you.

Follow some rules before starting this Dua

Whenever you ask for any dua from Allah Taala for yourself, you should always keep in mind that before starting the dua, it is necessary to follow some rules so that Allah accepts your dua quickly. 

Below, we are going to tell you some regulations that you have to follow before starting the prayer.

  1. You should not do this by thinking negatively about anyone.
  2. Keep in mind that while praying, your heart, mind, and yourself should be immaculate.
  3. You have to pray this dua till the end with complete faith in Allah. As per the rules mentioned by us.
  4. You have to pray this dua while sitting in the direction of Qibla.
  5. Women should not pray this dua during their menstruation.
  6. Ask for forgiveness from Allah for your sins, then start this dua.

Powerful Dua for Anxiety, Worry, Distress and overthinking

The powerful dua for anxiety, worry, distress, and overthinking is “La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz-zalimin.” This means, “There is no deity except You; exalted are You. Indeed, I have been one of the wrongdoers.”

This dua is taken from the story of Prophet Yunus (Jonah) in the Quran, specifically from Surah Al-Anbiya (21:87)

Prophet Yunus recited this dua while in the belly of the whale after he had been swallowed and was experiencing distress and anguish. 

Allah (SWT) responded to his supplication by granting him relief and delivering him safely.

Powerful Dua for Anxiety, Worry, Distress and overthinking
We share Powerful Dua for Anxiety, Worry, Distress and overthinking in this image.

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Methods to perform this dua:

  1. First, perform Wudu after any salah.
  2. Then, recite Durood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Read “AL-AAKHIR AL-AWWAL” 99 times.
  4. Recite “La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz-zalimin” 324 times.
  5. Finally, pray to Allah SWT to remove anxiety, worry, distress, and overthinking from you.

Follow this method regularly for 17 days with complete faith in Allah SWT. InshaAllah, you will notice that all negativity and anxiety will be removed from your life, and you will stay happy.

If you need any help or want to perform this method under the special guidance of Molana Anwar Khan, then you can consult him via WhatsApp.

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Methods to perform this dua for Anxiety, Worry, Distress and overthinking.
We share Dua for Anxiety, Worry, Distress and overthinking

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Dua for depression

The powerful dua for depression is: “Taj’al al-Qur’aana hayaata qalbi wa noora sadri, wa maghaadatan li’ahzaani wa tahreeran li-qalqi.”

This means, “You make the Quran the life of my heart and the light of my breast, and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety.”

This dua is known as “Dua al-Hamd,” or the “Prayer of Praise,” and is attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Dua for depression
We share Dua for depression in this image.

It is reported in various Hadith collections, including Sahih Muslim (no. 2710).

5 steps to perform this Dua:

  1. First, do proper wudu.
  2. Recite “Bismillah” 99 times.
  3. After that, you have to read Surah Al Faith twice.
  4. Recite “Taj’al al-Qur’aana hayaata qalbi wa noora sadri, wa maghaadatan li’ahzaani wa tahreeran li-qalqi.” 343 times.
  5. Finally, ask Allah SWT to remove depration from your life.

You have to follow this method regularly for 16 days after every Thajud Salah. 

InsaAllah, this is the best way to remove depration from your life.

We share Dua for depression in proper method.
We share Dua for depression in proper method.

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Dua for Mental Health and peace

Powerful Duas for Mental Health and Peace: “Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil ‘akhirati hasanatan waqina ‘adhaban-nar.” 

Which means, “Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the hereafter [that which is] good, and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.”  

You have to perform this dua 324 times regularly for 21 days after every salah.

Dua for Mental Health and peace.
We share Dua for Mental Health and peace.

This dua is taken from the Quran, specifically from Surah Al-Baqarah (2:201).

Dua to remove fear from mind and heart

To remove fear from your mind and heart, you have to recite this dua after Fajar Salah 324 times 14 days regularly: “Hasbiyallahu la ilaha illa Huwa, ‘alayhi tawakkaltu wa Huwa Rabbul ‘Arshil ‘Adhim.”

Dua to remove fear from mind and heart
In this image Dua to remove fear from mind and heart.


The article emphasizes the efficacy of various Duas in alleviating anxiety, depression, and fear, offering solace and guidance to those facing mental health challenges. 

It highlights the transformative impact of these prayers on countless individuals’ lives, fostering happiness, tranquility, and well-being. 

By adhering to the prescribed methods and following the rules with unwavering faith in Allah’s mercy, readers can experience relief from distress and find peace in their hearts and minds. 

Through the power of prayer and submission to the will of Allah (SWT), one can overcome adversity and embrace a life of contentment and spiritual fulfilment.

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