Powerful Dua To Bring Someone Closer To You


Love is a very beautiful feeling in this world; whoever has felt this feeling can know this.

Sometimes, you fall in love with someone who makes you feel very different in this world.

And this can be a feeling in which you feel how special you are to her.

But by the time you realize that that person is not as close to you as you think, you start feeling suffocated inside, and you always believe that one day or another, that person will go away.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Do you wish for that person to be closer to you, and do they feel the same as you?

Then, in this article, we will give you one powerful dua to bring someone closer to you. By making this supplication, that person will come very close to you, and that too in a completely halal way.

What is Dua to Bring Someone Closer To You, and how does it work?

As you all know, dua is a medium through which you can communicate with Allah Taala and present the needs of your heart in front of Allah Pak.

And it would not be wrong to say that every problem in our lives can be solved by praying.

Many duas included in the Holy Quran have their benefits.

Suppose you love someone and want him to come close to you and love you the same way you love him.

In that case, we will provide you with a dua from Quran Pak and tell you how to do it.

After doing this, you will start feeling that this prayer is working and that person is slowly approaching you.

Thousands of readers of Yawdudu have tried this dua and gotten shocking results, which make their lives very happy today.

If you want to get your lost love back, then read the Dua for love back.

Follow some recommendations before you start this Dua:

  1. You have to make this dua with complete faith in Allah Taala.
  2. If you recite this Dua thinking badly about someone or are praying for your benefit, do not do this because if you do this, you will not get any results.
  3. While praying, always remember that, as per the instructions, you will have to pray daily.
  4. Do dua only in a proper manner. If you try to do any magic or any haram thing, then it will be considered haram in Islam.
  5. Women should not pray this dua during their periods.

A step-by-step method to perform Dua To Bring Someone Closer To You:

  • Before any Salah, make Wudu.
  • Read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Recite “Ya-wadudu” (The Most Loving) 545 times.
  • Finally, blow on your lover’s photo and pray to Allah SWT to bring that person closer to you.

Follow this method daily for 16 days, inshallah. In these 16 days, you will see positive outcomes, and your lover will try to meet with you.

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If you want to get what you want from Allah and your intentions are pure and clear, then you should read the Dua to get what you want from Allah.

Dua To Bring Someone Closer To You
In this image we share Dua To Bring Someone Closer To You.

 Benefits of performing dua to bring someone closer to you:

  1. Improving Love and Affection: The dua aims to bring someone closer by calling upon Allah’s attribute of love (Ya-wudu), which may help strengthen your relationship and affection for that person.
  2. Positive Energy Transfer: By reciting and blowing on the picture, you may connect your intentions and positive energy with the result you want.
  3. Spiritual Connection: Reciting this dua highlights the value of asking for holy intervention in heart problems and promotes a spiritual connection with Allah SWT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a dua for someone you love?

To make someone you love, you must recite “YA Wadudu” 2324 times after tahajjud salah for 21 days, imagine the person you love, and ask Allah swt to make that person love you. 

How do I get someone to fall in love with me?

If you want to make someone fall in love with you effectively, do not forget to read this Dua to make someone fall in love with you.

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